Friday, November 5, 2010


Ive seen this game around in some magazines but haven't really paid too much attention to it. When I actually looked it up, it didn't look half bad. The story is that 150 years from now human society as you know it is gone. Nature has smothered the relics of civilization in a blanket of vegetation, and the last few survivors are left in perpetual fear. What are they fearing exactly? the deadly war machines of wars long forgotten. In this game, you are one of the last men standing, survivng alone in the wilds through brute strength and primal instincts. Then some whore needs to survive too, so she enslaves you with an explosive headband. The deal you're forced to accept is to take her home, and you're set free. Women, Right?


Mark said...

Post-apocalyptic, explosive headbands used to keep slaves... sounds pretty Fallout to me! said...

looks awesome