Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Emerging from legend

Two hundred years have passed since the gates to oblivion slammed shut, and the world of Tamriel
is a very different place. The empire has ceded territory to elven nations it once ruled. The blades
that so proudly defended the Emperor are all but wiped out. In the far north, the Nords have turned against one
another, and civil war seems imminent. The World Eater, the great dragon Alduin, is coming to fulfill his prophecy just
as the elder scrolls predicted he would, Tamriel may not realize it yet. But these are the birth pangs of a new era. To fend off the
dragon and restore order, Tamriel needs the Dragonborn. Those rare individuals anointed by the gods to strike down this
ancient threat. Sadly, that storied line of mortals is all but extinct. But there is one- A lowly prisoner unaware of his destiny.
The one the resurgent Dragons will come to fear. The one those winged beats will curse in their all but forgotten language.
They will call him Dovahkiin

I really liked the Elder Scrolls games so far and Skyrim looks epic. It reminds me of oblivion and includes dragons. I love dragons
Who doesn't? Anyway, Skyrim will be released on 11/11/11. Make a wish.


Rawr said...

interesting post

BTN Hip Hop said...

so sick

Anonymouse said...

looks good, now following

Spontaneous and Impulsive said...

I might actually buy this game.

Metatron said...

Wow, should be great! I wonder if we'll be able to load our characters from Elder Scrolls.